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Huge Day!

Wow! Sunday was a big day. It was kinda crazy, but good. So we definitely need 3 services, now we just need to spread out the crowd a little among the services. I think that will happen over the next few weeks.
BIG THANKS to all of our servants who jumped in to be a part of this movement God is orchestrating. Ya’ll are awesome.
Well, gotta go, Sunday’s comin!

Grace Campus to HK//They Will Be Missed

Just wanted to say “thanks” again to Matt Dean for his message on worship. He is such a gifted speaker. His heart is so humble and given to the Lord. I am, again, challenged to think differently about how I honor Christ with my whole life. Matt can be my preacher anytime!

He and the team at Grace Campus will be missed as they head to Hong Kong this summer. Besides Matt and April and their family, we will also be sending out Scott and Catherine Littlepage, Jason Orme, and Micah Brake from our church. Please pray for them as they go to serve Christ by ministering to the lost and empowering the found in China. Also, if you would like to support the Grace Campus team financially you can click HERE.

He is Not Here, He is Risen, Just as He Said

“He is not here, He is risen, just as He said.” Wow. Words that come to mind – hope, life, eternity, power, joy. Yet none of these words can capture the magnitude of what happened through Jesus’ resurrection. It is too big – like trying to comprehend the outer limits of the universe – just can’t get my mind around that. But, for sure we can understand hope, life, eternity, power and joy when we’ve handed our life over to Jesus and received His grace, mercy and forgiveness. For those who have moved from death to life, they know what resurrection is all about. For those who have handed God the shattered pieces of their life and He handed them back wholeness wrapped in unconditional love, they know what it means to be “raised with Christ”. Yeah, wow.

God did this through Jesus because the law, the traditions and the religion of the Pharisees was powerless to do it. He did what all the sacrifices, Jewish festivals, temple rituals could not do in someone’s heart – make it clean and alive. It’s funny though how believers, even today, can still give in to the idea that we need more religious talk, religious symbols, religious buildings, religious songs, or whatever, to celebrate the fact that Christ died and rose again so we wouldn’t have to find and worship God through religion! Christianity is about a RELATIONSHIP not religion. We are people not only of the cross, but of the resurrection.

Well, I’ll wrap it up by saying, this was one of the most amazing Easter’s for me. From our Thursday and Friday experience at Cornerstone, right up through the last words of the 11:00 service on Sunday. BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO WORKED SO HARD TO MAKE THIS WEEKEND HAPPEN!! ALL THE VOLUNTEERS AND STAFF WERE GREAT.

Now celebrating Easter everyday as Christ lives through me.