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Who’s Preaching This Week?

Wow, Allen Whittaker did a phenomenal job this past Sunday preaching on the Trinity. He nailed it! That’s a tough subject to handle especially when you’ve only been at a church for a few months. I’m glad to have him and all of our other guys who share the Word on Sundays.

In light of that here’s some thoughts on the preaching rotation for 2011. Now that we have several gifted preacher/teachers on board I’ve become more aware of the need to be intentional about giving up the platform every now and again. So, throughout the year you may be hearing from me, or any one of these guys: Josh Agerton, Brian Johnson, Lee Cadden or Allen Whittaker. I expect you’ll be hearing from me about 35 of the 52 Sundays.

While I love to preach and would do it every Sunday, I also know that if I preach three services, every single Sunday of the year, my burnout meter will be pegging by Christmas! That’s 156 sermons a year, plus other speaking engagements. In fact, many preachers today are realizing the same things I’ve realized about this matter.

Things like, preaching every week can be a drain. It can actually be a deterrent to creativity and passion. It’s good just to be away for a few Sundays to recharge. Also, I’m not the only one who can offer the word of God. It’s good for all of us to hear the Word preached through other pastor’s experiences and views.

I believe in each one of these Godly men! They have been called to minister and teach scripture. I hope you’ll encourage them and pray for them when it’s their turn on the platform.

Huge Day!

Wow! Sunday was a big day. It was kinda crazy, but good. So we definitely need 3 services, now we just need to spread out the crowd a little among the services. I think that will happen over the next few weeks.
BIG THANKS to all of our servants who jumped in to be a part of this movement God is orchestrating. Ya’ll are awesome.
Well, gotta go, Sunday’s comin!

How Great Was Sunday?

I baptized my son, we had a packed house at both services, music was phenomenal (a much overused word by me these days), 21 youth were confirmed, 16 of them were baptized (including my son Wesley), our staff and volunteers were right on, I got to wear a new shirt and sing “It only takes a spark”, I ate lunch at Tenda Chick with my in-laws and did I mention I baptized my son??? Love it.

Rusty Baptizes his son