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The Doctrine Series Notes, Week 2 and 3

Wow, I’m amazed at the response by many in our church regarding this sermon series on the doctrines of the Christian faith. I think it reveals that inside every person is a deep desire to know the Truth. We all want to be reminded of the very basic and important beliefs about the critical issues of life, death, salvation and eternity.

As promised I am providing my sermon outline with the scriptures in case you missed them. I hope this helps you track along with us throughout this series.  The notes below are provided in a Adobe PDF document where all you have to do is click on the link below to access the file.  Also, please keep in mind these are my raw notes as I prepared for each message. They are not intended to be a polished scholarly work, but an additional resource to accompany the message on Sunday.

You may also want to download or listen to a copy of the podcast while reviewing the notes.  You can listen to the podcast right from the website by going to each message, The Doctrine of Salvation Podcast, or The Doctrine of Eternity Podcast, or download it into mp3 or subscribe to the podcast through iTunes.

Time Series Recap, Creating Margin in Your Life

We just finished a series at Cornerstone a couple of weeks ago called “TIME”. We basically tried to recapture the value of this precious and fleeting gift. One of sermons was about something very few of us understand it’s called – “margin” (week 4 podcast available here).

This is an article that has a lot to say about building “margin” into our lives, Margin: Space Between Ourselves and Our Limits, and I would highly recommend reading it when you get a chance.

I’m convinced that margin is something that could add so much to our connection with God. Because of our mostly unhealthy schedules we are people who live jammed lives. There is no margin or down time where we just relax and listen to God. There is no space for God to do His renewing work in our souls. It’s like we’re outpacing God’s desire to catch up with us. Here’s a reality check for you – margin is NOT simple. It requires us to be intentional about how we spend resources like time and money. It means adjusting our priorities and possibly doing away with some things. Man, that’s the tough part. Saying “no” to the good, so we can say “yes” to the best.

We cannot create more time, but we can create margin. So, I dare you to do it! Here’s a truth: even when you think you can’t, life goes on.

The Alive Megaseries Kicks Off

Alive SeriesWe kicked off our “Alive” megaseries yesterday. Very excited about it. There’s a hunger and thirst out there for more spiritual connection and a greater understanding of the Bible. It’s obvious in people’s responses after each service. They were saying everything from a simple “thank you” to “I love this whole “Alive” idea!”

I would say, however, that this is true for most believers in our world. We want more. More of God, more understanding, more knowledge, more discipline, more experience, more hands-on ministry, etc. I think it’s because God has placed in us a heart that is like a well. Sometimes there is a drought and the well is really low. Sometimes there is a flood and the water level is close to the top. But, somehow, no matter how full it gets, there is always room for more. So, I guess our prayer is “Lord give me more!”.

If you’re in our church, I really want to challenge you to be at church each week of this series. It’s like we as a church are moving somewhere together and we want everybody on board.