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Swimsuits & Beach Towels!!

I just wanted to plug something that is happening in our pre-teen ministry this Sunday. Our Cornerstone Preteens have partnered with BigHouse Foundation to collect swimsuits and towels to help foster children throughout Alabama get ready for summer. Foster care is an area in our state and local community that is in real need of some love and attention. We are glad to work in conjunction with the BigHouse to minister to Foster families.

BigHouse is a Christ-centered non-profit organization designed to meet the needs of children in foster care.  Their mission is to connect the needs of foster families with the generosity of our community through the love of Christ.

There are 6,000 children in foster care in the state of Alabama and we want to help each one of them have a new swimsuit and towel this summer.

Our collection day is this Sunday, April 17.  Please bring NEW swimsuits and/or towels and drop them in our collection bins near the kids’ check-in stations.  All sizes, infant through adults are needed.

For more information about BigHouse you can go to their website.

I would love to see our church go over the top with this!!

Thank you for your amazing generosity!

See you under the ball,



Technology is Good

Sometimes I wonder if technology really is good. Is it moving people toward fellowship, grace, genuine connection, love, sanctification, etc. etc.? I realize it’s a means for many things. But, how often have we made it function more like the end? Sometimes it’s more frustrating than helpful. Anyway, I’m all for it on days like today. I was meeting with our IT guy Scott Fillmer about my blog when Josh Agerton (our Pastor of Connections) video chatted me from Uganda where our mission team is currently working. He was wishing me a “happy birthday”. It was great to hear from him, and not just the birthday part. He filled me in on all the great work being done in Buloba (the town we have partnered with) and how the team was doing. We caught up for a few minutes and then signed off. I thought, “wow, I love technology!” It is something that God can and does use to fulfill His purpose. I use it everyday. Do we have to be careful – YES. Anything in the hands of a person with evil intent can cause harm. That’s why Christians should take hold of it and make it a tool for good.
Today, I definitely think it was good.