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Love Haiti with a Special Offering This Sunday

“Devastation” seems to be about the only way to describe what happened in Haiti this week as a result the 7.0 magnitude earthquake. While an earthquake in any part of the world is a problem, in a country like Haiti it is a catastrophe. Consider the fact that 80% of the 9 million people in the country live below the poverty line. Consider the fact that only about 50% of the population is literate. Consider the fact that most of the buildings constructed on the island are significantly below proper codes and standards. These statistics just make a situation like a major earthquake even more of a crisis with a much longer recovery time.

This is the time when the church should be at it’s best. After all, we are Jesus in this world today. I believe He would bring help to the people of Haiti. So, this Sunday we are preparing to take up a special offering to assist in the relief effort. If you are going to write a check, you can make it out to Cornerstone United Methodist Church and put UMCOR in the memo line. UMCOR stands for United Methodist Committee on Relief. They are one of the relief organizations on the ground in Haiti right now. Your money will go directly to helping those who have been affected by the earthquake.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and helping our church be Christ to a hurting people.

Good Things Happening in Our Church

Just loving all of the good things happening around our church right now.

For example, the kickoff for our Journey Bible Classes last Wednesday. “Wow”, “great”, “just what we’ve been needing”, etc. etc. These are the comments I heard after that night. I’m so proud of Josh who led the study! He did a great job. I was watching him up there on stage leading, teaching, encouraging and engaging the 200 people that were present and I thought, “man he is in his ‘sweet spot’ right now”. Josh does many things very well, but this stands at the top of his gift chart. If you weren’t there you missed it! It’s ok you can still jump in this Wednesday. Good stuff.

Also, Sunday mornings. Are there challenges with 2 packed services? YES. Do we need to be patient and get creative? YES. But, I have enjoyed Sunday mornings lately about as much as any time at our church. It’s exciting to see all the activity, to walk around and see people smiling and serving. To watch Brian (and his team) lead with amazing passion, to experience the graphics and lighting (thanks to Dan the AV and IT crew!).  I love it!

Last thing, the “First Saturday”. Even though I was in bed trying to recover from some type of sinus disease, I heard it was awesome. There’s nothing better than people coming together to get the focus off of themselves and serve others in our community. This is what followers do. We imitate Jesus. This is what Jesus did. You gotta love it. I know I do!