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The 20th Wedding Anniversary

Becky and I’s 20th wedding anniversary is coming this summer (July 22). Wow! 20 years! Really? Where did the time go?? I can’t believe we’re old enough to have that number connected with our anniversary. So I’m feeling the weight of how to celebrate this. I’m not sure of the protocol for the 20th. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!


Crazy Boyz

My three boys are crazy! They just do funny things. Sometimes I think, “Did I act like that when I was their age??” Unfortunately, I know the answer to my own question. I am resigned to the fact that “goofiness” is just a part of growing up! Of course, I love ‘em and am very proud of ‘em.

Rusty Hutson's Boys

Stepping Towards Independence

Wow…life moves pretty fast! One blink and things change. For example, Michael, my 15 year old, has his driver’s permit. He drove me and his brothers home from Montgomery this past Saturday (first time on the interstate).  We had just finished eating burgers and dogs at “5 guys and a Burger” in East Chase (let me just say mmmmmmm!). Anyway, halfway back to Auburn it hits me “This is Michael’s first big step toward independence. This time next year he’s driving on his own!- whoa”.  What happened to that little kid who was asking me to tie his shoes and make him chocolate milk??

Also, Wesley my 13 year old shaved for the first time last night and will be confirmed this Sunday. I will have the honor, privilege and pleasure of baptizing him and bringing him into church membership (as I did Michael 2 years ago and I will do for Will 2 years from now). I’m pumped! But I’m also reminded that time is moving on. It is relentless. It causes little boys to grow. It causes things to change and therefore, I have to change. Not always easy – but necessary.

So, in the words of  Kenny Chesney “Don’t Blink”.

Vacation Snapshot, Anyone Pick a Winner?

ha! just came across this pic from our vacation this past summer. that’s Becky and Michael. any takers on who won??

Rusty and Becky

I Thank God For My Family

I love my family!! (this begins a series called “I love ____”, just so you know). My wife, Becky, is just so cute and kind and compassionate and hard-working and generous and sincere (I wonder if she reads my blog?). She is the ultimate partner. I thank God for her. She is genuinely my soul-mate (way cheesy phrase! but true). We’ve know each other since we were kids. We dated for 7 years before getting married. We’ve been married for 19 years. I can honestly say it’s all been good.

Also, I’m so proud of my boys. Michael is 14, Wesley is 13, and Will is 10. They are awesome. While they totally have their “moments”, they are kind, thoughtful, well-mannered, good boys. They love to hunt, fish, ride the 4 wheeler, play football, play baseball, and just about anything outside. I love that they are growing up and becoming more of a peer with me. We have fun together. I pray for them so much.

My First Ever Blog Post

So…here you go. This is my first blog post – ever! Honestly, I’m already at a loss for words and I’ve just started. But, don’t give up on the preacher who just admitted he is at a loss for words, I promise to make this worth your time and reading effort.


I’m actually listening to Christmas music on Pandora as I write this. It’s mellow and it’s so putting me in the Christmas mood. This music always causes a black and white movie reel to spin in mind with thoughts of Christmas’s growing up and being with my grandparents (I really miss them!).

It makes me think about people. Old friends, classmates, family etc. That’s why I love this time of the year because it’s about relationships and family. I also love it because my heart is clearly in tune with Jesus. So I’ve decided this year (more than ever) it will simply be about Jesus. Imagine that!?? A Christmas focused squarely on Jesus! The challenge – sacrifice (hope my kids will wrap around this!). We’ll see.