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My First Ever Blog Post

So…here you go. This is my first blog post – ever! Honestly, I’m already at a loss for words and I’ve just started. But, don’t give up on the preacher who just admitted he is at a loss for words, I promise to make this worth your time and reading effort.


I’m actually listening to Christmas music on Pandora as I write this. It’s mellow and it’s so putting me in the Christmas mood. This music always causes a black and white movie reel to spin in mind with thoughts of Christmas’s growing up and being with my grandparents (I really miss them!).

It makes me think about people. Old friends, classmates, family etc. That’s why I love this time of the year because it’s about relationships and family. I also love it because my heart is clearly in tune with Jesus. So I’ve decided this year (more than ever) it will simply be about Jesus. Imagine that!?? A Christmas focused squarely on Jesus! The challenge – sacrifice (hope my kids will wrap around this!). We’ll see.