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20 Years – seriously?

TODAY is Becky and I’s 20th wedding anniversary. Wow. It’s hard to believe 20 years ago at the moment of typing this blog, I was nervously anticipating standing up in front of all those people (~900), saying my “I Do’s” while trying not to pass out, drop the ring, or trip and fall. The phrase “blink of an eye” comes to mind here.

I will say, I am tremendously blessed to have such an incredible wife in Becky. We have known each other since Kindergarten, started dating when we were 15 and married at age 22. Even though we have known each other most of our lives, it never seems that way. We have our moments of being frustrated with each other, pouting, intentional silence, (all the stuff couples do in the heat of battle over important issues like who left the jelly out on the counter!) but we bounce back pretty quickly. I believe it’s because we have not only committed ourselves to each other, but we’ve committed our marriage to God. We just decided we are in this for the long haul – that’s it. We’re ready to go another 20, 30, 40, well, until one, or both of us heads on out of this world. I love Becky so much and would find it very difficult to live without her. She is an awesome mom, wife, daughter, sister and follower of Christ. Yep, I got it made!

We’ll be heading up to B’Ham this weekend to celebrate (kidless of course :-)   ). See ya later!

The 20th Wedding Anniversary

Becky and I’s 20th wedding anniversary is coming this summer (July 22). Wow! 20 years! Really? Where did the time go?? I can’t believe we’re old enough to have that number connected with our anniversary. So I’m feeling the weight of how to celebrate this. I’m not sure of the protocol for the 20th. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!


I Thank God For My Family

I love my family!! (this begins a series called “I love ____”, just so you know). My wife, Becky, is just so cute and kind and compassionate and hard-working and generous and sincere (I wonder if she reads my blog?). She is the ultimate partner. I thank God for her. She is genuinely my soul-mate (way cheesy phrase! but true). We’ve know each other since we were kids. We dated for 7 years before getting married. We’ve been married for 19 years. I can honestly say it’s all been good.

Also, I’m so proud of my boys. Michael is 14, Wesley is 13, and Will is 10. They are awesome. While they totally have their “moments”, they are kind, thoughtful, well-mannered, good boys. They love to hunt, fish, ride the 4 wheeler, play football, play baseball, and just about anything outside. I love that they are growing up and becoming more of a peer with me. We have fun together. I pray for them so much.