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The Alive Megaseries Kicks Off

Alive SeriesWe kicked off our “Alive” megaseries yesterday. Very excited about it. There’s a hunger and thirst out there for more spiritual connection and a greater understanding of the Bible. It’s obvious in people’s responses after each service. They were saying everything from a simple “thank you” to “I love this whole “Alive” idea!”

I would say, however, that this is true for most believers in our world. We want more. More of God, more understanding, more knowledge, more discipline, more experience, more hands-on ministry, etc. I think it’s because God has placed in us a heart that is like a well. Sometimes there is a drought and the well is really low. Sometimes there is a flood and the water level is close to the top. But, somehow, no matter how full it gets, there is always room for more. So, I guess our prayer is “Lord give me more!”.

If you’re in our church, I really want to challenge you to be at church each week of this series. It’s like we as a church are moving somewhere together and we want everybody on board.