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Our Last Day in Uganda for This Trip

This was our last full day in Africa and an amazing day it was. We walked to Loving Hearts Babies Home, which is very close to the house we are staying in. It was fun to watch the team interact with these little ones. The babies in this home are orphans, some were abandoned on the side of the road and picked up by the Ugandan police and placed in the home. The children were very happy and loved playing with Kate and the boys. The babies were watching Veggie Tales while we played which was funny (the little ones love Veggie Tales as much as our children in America!). Most of all, they loved the physical contact with the team. They would crawl up in your lap and sit contently…except for the little one who kept stealing Caleb’s hat and sunglasses.

In the afternoon we went to Buloba to say goodbye to the children. It had rained just before we got there so the rain catches we had put on earlier in the week went to good use and hopefully the families that received them felt that blessing as much as we felt it. It was good to know that we had helped two families with the rain catches and the Lord had allowed the rain to come. When we drove up to the church the children were outside, yelling and waiving in delight. As soon as the van door opened they were greeting us and grabbing our hands. The staff was serving the children a hot meal of porridge and beans. We stayed for about half an hour and it was hard for all of us to say goodbye to the children. Isma, our sponsor child, was there and we were able to give him a hug goodbye. His teacher said he was about to cry and we were as well. The joy that you see in the eyes of these children is amazing. I realized how much the child sponsorships really sustain these children. What a blessing it has been to see how Cornerstone UMC has impacted this community half way around the world.

It is with mixed emotions that we saw our last day come to a close. We are looking forward to coming home to our families and church family to share our experience, but at the same time, it is hard to think of leaving. We have truly been blessed the last 10 days. We appreciate all of the prayer and financial help that got us here. This team will never be the same.

Much love from Africa,

Becky and team

Huge Day!

Wow! Sunday was a big day. It was kinda crazy, but good. So we definitely need 3 services, now we just need to spread out the crowd a little among the services. I think that will happen over the next few weeks.
BIG THANKS to all of our servants who jumped in to be a part of this movement God is orchestrating. Ya’ll are awesome.
Well, gotta go, Sunday’s comin!

1 hour 32 minutes 12 seconds

I did it…completed my first triathlon. My time was 1 hour 32 minutes and 12 seconds. The hardest part of that whole race – the 12 seconds! Man, I was gutting it out at the end trying to push it a little for a better time. But, all in all it was great! My time didn’t matter nearly as much to me as being with friends, having fun and discovering the boundaries of my physical limitations. I will do it again.
So proud of Mark and Lori Fuller, Paul Hansel, Mike Hart and Jack Fisher for their amazing performances. They were the best part of the whole thing. Special thanks to Amy Hart who fed us a veritable cornicopia of carb-loading joy on Friday night! Thanks to all of you for your prayers and words of encouragement.