Rain Catches in Buloba, Uganda Day 8

What a great day!

We headed back to Buloba to interact with the kids and do some work. When we arrived they split us into two groups and we headed off to put some rain catches on homes in the community. Our local helpers were Henry, James and Peter. It was awesome to work alongside these very skilled men. They were kind and patient. The process involved measuring, cutting boards, re-measuring, trimming, attach gutter brackets, paint boards, attach boards, attach gutter, place the barrel at one one end of the gutter to catch the rain, test and done. It was good to know that we were helping provide clean water for them right there at their home. We prayed for the people in the home before we left asking God to bless them. At one place the owners gave us a gift of pineapple an mangos.

We were humbled. While we put on the rain catches Rusty met with Pastor Eva and the leadership team of Buloba church to vision for future projects and discuss what God is doing among the people.

After lunch we got to hang with the children for an hour. Some of us played a crazy game of soccer (Kate, Codarious and Camp), the rest played cat and the rat. It was hilarious! We all had a blast being with them. Looking forward to going back to Bethany Village tomorrow for a serious game of soccer with the kids there.

From Africa,
The Team

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  1. Dennis Smith June 19, 2012 at 3:57 pm #

    Rain Catches. You folks have definitely come to serve your fellow hu-man(s). We take that clear, nearly tasteless, liquid for granted most days, anyway. I bet that they saw you as life savers to provide them with a means of having water at home. Much more convenient than trudging to the well to have your water.

    Water, the spring of life? Providing them this one essential that man can’t make, along with air and land. It’s one of the things that proves that there is a God. You on the other hand prove what kind of God He really is in the universe — Great, of course.

    You guys (unisex terminology) really know how to represent. Keep up the excellent work. They will know Him through you and what they’re seeing must have them fired up with hope and joy in their hearts and souls.

    Oh, good luck on the soccer fields. You’re on their turf now and they expect your best.


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