Church in Gaba and Buloba, Uganda Day 7

Today is Sunday, which means church in the morning. First, we went to church in Gaba, where we experienced a very westernized worship. Just the way they went about things seemed very similar to what I’ve experienced in Cornerstone Church back in Auburn. It was Children Sunday, and though we didn’t stay long, we got to see the youth put on the show. From the youth singing to Patrick’s son coming up and presenting a short sermon, it was all wonderful to see. We left early because we didn’t want to be late for church in Buloba.

Church in Buloba was quite different. A lot of what was said was different from what I thought we are used to, but considering the cultural differences, it’s probably the best things that could be said. Apart from the sermon, the singing was great to hear. That, along with dancing, and meeting with everyone, was quite an experience.

Afterwards, our group went to our sponsor kids’ homes. I didn’t particularly have one myself, but I joined Michael and Kate, along with that group. We had the opportunity to be in the homes of those kids, and it was so amazing how humble they were towards you when you entered their homes. They are always praising God and thanking you for being there with them. It’s been touching my heart just how great these kids have been to us. I can see it in the friendship Kate and her sponsor child, Rebecca. It was great to see how her, Michael and the kids interacted with each other. It’s also great to just think of how God has brought us here to bond and grow. It’s His will being done in their lives, and ours. Amen.

From Africa,
Codarious and Team

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  1. Lynn Blount June 18, 2012 at 6:25 pm #

    …. Hope you get to meet our Ugandan daughter, Fiona Ndyahisyahe….she is precious!

    Thanks to all of you…..doing an amazing job keeping us informed on the trip! Have enjoyed reading the blog! Praying for all

  2. Dennis Smith June 19, 2012 at 6:59 am #

    Wow, culture shock! No, seriously, most of us never experience it, unless you’d consider someone from Cherry Hill, NJ having fried pickles for the first time in their lives.

    Many of our differences here in the states are so minimal by comparison to the journey y’all are on right now. The trials and tribulations may even appear different at times, but when you get down to it the backdrop doesn’t matter as much as the big struggle in play in all of our lives.

    The old Good versus Evil is what’s in play and has been going on since Lucifer decided to make his break with God.

    What I’m seeing in each of you is a most excellent set of choices going on in you lives. Not easy choices, but correct choices. What you’re doing is inspirational to the ones of us that are currently on the sidelines, keeping up with your game and y’all got game.

    Keep up God’s Work, through His Word, and your ability to convey it in how you choose.


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