Lake Victoria to Bethany Village, Uganda Day 5

Today we went to Bethany village. The trip to get there was very interesting: we had to ride a boat across Lake Victoria and once we got across we rode boda bodas (basically dirt bikes) to the village. One thing that I loved was that on the ride in and out, the children were all waving at us screaming “Bye Mzungu!!” Mzungu means white person, and the children love mzungus. Once we got there we met a man named Eddie and he gave us a tour of the village. Francis Chan’s old church was the one that set this up, and just let me say they have the set up. They have houses with 11 mothers to help take care of 188 orphans in the village. They also have 30 acres that they use primarily for agriculture, and by having that they teach the kids how to live off the land. Their primary goal is to teach children life skills while raising them in a Christian environment.

After we got back from that we went to the market to go shopping. They had some really neat stuff there, and some of it was really cheap. Other stuff had extremely jacked up prices. But anyways, after that we came back to the house and had a lot of down time just to chill, hang out, and goof off, as all teenagers should.

I love that the people at Bethany village have this vision of giving children practical ways to learn life skills while living in a positive environment. Their goal is to give the next generation skills to help the nation of Uganda in a positive way when they grow up and get a job. It is great to see people investing in the next generation like this.

For those of you who know me, one of my biggest hobbies is gardening. It is just what I love to do. Since I garden in America, I use all kinds of fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides. I walked through the gardens that they had here and I was somewhat jealous of the set up they have. These people don’t use any of the stuff that I do, but yet their crops look better than mine do. I just think that is amazing. At one point in the tour Eddie took us to a greenhouse with tomatoes planted in it and it had a drip irrigation system. I thought that was so awesome. The really cool thing is that they have all of this stuff, but they got it all locally, so they are teaching kids life skills that they will use forever and doing it while supporting the local economy. It is just great to see that people in a third world country, with limited resources, can do that.

All of us are doing great and we are looking forward to the remainder of the trip.

From Africa,
Camp Hand

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  1. Dennis Smith June 18, 2012 at 11:31 am #

    Ok Camp,I need phonetics on mzungus. Is the “m” silent? It’ important to know this, so that I get it right when I see you again.

    I like that you noticed the gardening techniques, always trying to learn something is a great thing.

    We already miss you, but know that you’re doing something extra-special with your life. You know that you’ve picked the narrow and rough road, right? We’re proud of your choices in life, keep up the most excellent decision making. If in doubt, just ask the old silver haired mzungus with on the trip, he was promoted to “old guy, junior grade” with his most recent b’day.

    Lots of love to you and your team. Rock it out loud!!!!!!


  2. admin June 18, 2012 at 11:45 am #

    it’s something like ma-zun-ga said really fast in one syllable… it’s a term of endearment, and you hear it everywhere you go :)

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