Another Beautiful Day, Uganda Day 4

We began another beautiful morning in a small village in the Gulu countryside. Some of the group spent the morning in the rock quarry and the rest walked around and visited. It was amazing how, after just one day with them, the people treated us as though we were a part of the family. I will never forget the amazing sense of community and friendship that I saw in this village. It was truly a blessing to have gotten to experience some of their culture and to see their undying passion for the Lord.

After working in Gulu until noon, we left to come back to Kampala. We were stuck in some serious traffic. It was tough watching young girls walk up to the van with babies in their arms begging for anything we had to give. Eventually we made it back to the house where we met Amos and his girlfriend Dana. They explained what the process of dating and marriage was like in Uganda. Very interesting. Much commitment required.

Then we talked ourself to sleep.
Today is a boat ride across Lake Victoria to Bethany Village.
That is all.

From Africa,

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  1. Dennis Smith June 15, 2012 at 2:51 pm #

    Thanks Michael for the update. I’m glad that y’all are there to help minister these fine folks that I will probably never see.

    It is a great testimony that people really do follow Matthew 28.

    Y’all inspire us all with your commitment to the Word.

    James would be proud to know each of you.

    Be safe in Christ.


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