Among the Villagers in Uganda, Day 3 by Kate Duke

Today we worked with Matt and Jaime East and their interns in the outer part of Gulu. This is a rural area where they live in mud and thatch huts and basically eat beans only. The countryside is amazingly gorgeous.

We started out the morning by breaking into groups. Some of the boys went to the rock quarry to work with the villagers. Let’s just say this was a finesse job and the boys were probably not the best rock smashers out there, but they did get to talk to some fascinating people.

Another group ended up shoveling rocks with a construction crew. Will, Coco, several interns, and I started out by talking with the workers, and then the workers told Will and Codarious to try it out. One of the guys said they get paid 2800 shillings a day (less than $2) despite the fact that he was highly educated. He found Will’s accent very interesting.

I left the construction site with some of the interns, and we walked around the village until Ms. Conce asked us to help her patch up her hut. Basically we smeared mud onto the outside of her house for 2 hours. It was pretty dang awesome to build her home. She said it looked “very smart”. One of the men in the village asked me my age, and he didn’t believe I am 18. He said I have a baby face and then proceeded to call me that for the rest of the day haha.

We had lunch at the hotel. Chicken fried rice, Mountain Dew, and Novita.

On the way back to Matt and Jaime’s compound we stopped by Uchimi, Uganda’s Kroger. They had a very impressive stock of Zesta and Cadbury Drinking Chocolate. The store has security guards, and Camp almost lost his knife to them on the way in.

This afternoon we hung out around the village some more. Michael and Caleb carried water on their heads after a few unsuccessful attempts. We went to the school and walked the kids back home. They were so cute and sang and wanted to shake EVERYONE’s hands. I met a kid named Brian. He went to his house, changed out of his uniform, and then sprinted back to us so he could walk with us some more. He is 13 and he “likes futbol very much”. Meeting him and talking with him was definitely the highlight of my day!

Now we are just chilling in the hotel. Oh, and we have power now so cross your fingers I’ll have a warm shower tonight =)

It was such a blessing to meet the villagers today. The country is beautiful, and I’m looking forward to the next 8 days.

In His love- Kate Duke

[this post was a guest post written by team member Kate Duke]

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  1. Dennis Smith June 15, 2012 at 2:58 pm #

    Special thanks to Kate Duke for keeping the information flowing from that Ugandan land far away.

    Did you ever think that you’d be smearing mud in the name of God?

    The memories that y’all are creating are not only forever, but two way, I’m sure.

    It must be just as bizarre to the Ugandans that you would leave the US of A to come to their world to help cultivate their faith in Jesus Christ.

    Too many heros on the move in your merry band of messengers.

    New gospels =’s new good news.


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