Uganda Team on the Ground, Day 1

Well, after 22 hours of sitting on a plane, we made it to Uganda!

Our journey began with a wonderful send off from the church at the end of the 9am service (minus Brian’s comment about me being a “senior” due to my recent birthday!). We sat on a plane in Atlanta for an hour waiting for the weather to clear so we could take off. That put us a little behind when it came to making our connection in Amsterdam. When we entered Schiphold airport in Amsterdam we made a bee line to the gate from which our next flight would leave. I had us almost running through the ariport (our team was very grateful I had on my bright orange Auburn t-shirt as I was bobbing and weaving through the crowd!). But we made the gate with no problem. We then took off for the 10 hour flight to Entebbe (with a 1 hour stop in Kigali, Rwanda). Then after a 45 minute van ride from Entebbe to Kampala, we arrived at our guest house. Side note – it had been hilarious watching our students react to everything we’ve experienced so far! They’ve been real troopers.

We really appreciate everybody’s interest in this special trip with six of our High School seniors. They are very excited about this opportunity to travel to a place like Africa. They also equally ready to “get this party started” (as Will Lott so eloquently put it last night when we arrived). In other words, they are ready to begin doing what we came here to do which is serve the Lord by serving the people of Uganda.

As I sit here in the guest house, jetlagged, early on Tuesday morning with the windows open I can hear strange bird sounds, car horns blaring in the distance and a Muslim chanting out a morning prayer over a loud speaker. That loud Muslim prayer is a reminder not only of where we are in the world, but of why we are here. The need for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be shared in both word and deed. Jesus commanded us to go in to all the world and make disciples. He modeled for us the “how” of making disciples as he healed people (both physically and spiritually) who were sick, fed people who were hungry, taught people about God’s incredible grace and loved people with God’s everlasting love. He not only gave us a pattern to follow but a place to go to. It’s called “the world”. There is a groaning in every nation for the good news of grace and hope. That groaning comes in many forms such as a prayer over a loud speaker from a mis-guided religion or the cry of a malnourished baby. We are privileged to share in the redeeming work of turning that groan into praise.

Please continue to pray for us. Today will be a long day as we load up into a van and travel 5.5 hours north to Gulu.
That’s it for now.

Blessings from Uganda,
Rusty and team

[on a side note: our team is experiencing some difficulties with getting the laptop connected to the internet, so as we work through the issues, updates may be a little slower in arriving, but they will be posted here as soon as possible. You can always email question to Jonathan or Scott at the church.]

2 Responses to “Uganda Team on the Ground, Day 1”

  1. Robin S. June 12, 2012 at 3:18 pm #

    I am praying for you all! May you be blessed as you bless those around you. In Christ’s love,
    Robin Settle and family
    Greenville, AL

  2. Dennis Smith June 15, 2012 at 1:43 am #

    Cindy’s three day revival at her community has me behind in wishing you well in your efforts to bring the ultimate hope to the African continent.
    Glad to see that you made the jump to the “senior circuit”, although you must remember that you are a junior member, at best.
    One day we hope that you’ll graduate to a cane or really reach the big league with a new walker.
    Don’t rush it, you have too many other items on your to do list for rapid senior advancement.
    Thanks for continuing to do the “heavy lifting” for the rest of us.

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