Our Team is on the Way to Kampala Uganda

Uganda Team June 2012

This morning, just after this photo was taken, our team climbed in the van and headed for Atlanta to catch our flight to Amsterdam, then on to Uganda. Right now we are in the Atlanta airport waiting to board our flight, then a quick 10 hours to Amsterdam and another 10 hours or so to Uganda. We are really excited about this senior trip, and are looking forward to what God has planned for our team.

Right now, the plan is to post updates to my blog, right here, throughout the trip. I will be writing an initial post once we have put our feet on the ground and everything is settled from our first full day (think 48-56 hours from now), and then our team members will be sharing some photos and thoughts throughout the trip. So stay tuned, and hopefully in a quick 10,000 miles and a few days I will post our first update. Your continued prayers for our team will be greatly appreciated over the next few weeks, thank you very much!

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  1. Missy Lott June 12, 2012 at 11:30 am #

    Hello Rusty. Hope all is well. We are anxiously awaiting news of how the kids are and how you and Becky are holding on. Ha I know they are in good hands. Listen, I sent three SMALL treats for our sponsored children there. I did not have the information I needed for Emmanuel. Today I recieved a letter from him (I know, it’s a GOD thing) Anyway, so I now have his numbers. Will you please give this to Will so he can make sure Emmanuel gets his happy’s. Emmanuel Mubiru. Childs number is BUL-28104 Class:P4 Our sponsor number is 18099.
    Many thanks and God Bless you all. You all have MANY prayer warriors here in the US praying hard and heavy!
    Give my kids a hug!
    Thanks again!
    Missy Lott

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