Archive - August, 2011

What Does it Mean to Multi-Site?

(This is a guest post by Cornerstone’s admin guy Jack Fisher)

I grew up in the United Methodist Church. For as long as I can remember we got dressed up, went to Sunday school, then to the worship service and after that we went out to lunch. For our family that is what going to church meant. It was a few hours where our lives centered around visiting the big box called church and then getting to go out to eat.

Things have certainly changed for me since those days. I discovered something called “contemporary worship” when I started attending Cornerstone in 2000. It was a little odd at first, no hymnals, no Sunday school and I didn’t have to get dressed up. But the odd experience soon turned in to a deeper relationship with Christ that I had never had before. For me the contemporary style of worship eliminated some of the barriers I had growing up. These barriers kept me in a mode of playing church rather than experiencing Christ.

Now we are talking about a multi-site church strategy here at Cornerstone. For many people, like me, who grew up knowing only one style of worship, multi-site might be a little hard to grasp. It’s not a church plant, it’s not a church split, it is Cornerstone in many locations. The same church, the same leadership, the same beliefs and values and definitely the same mission. And to be honest it’s really not a new strategy, it’s how the New Testament church grew almost 2000 years ago.

Take about two minutes and watch the video above if you haven’t already. It has a simple explanation of what it means to multi-site as a church. Yes, it’s also a promotion for a couple of books. But, those books were part of the process that helped us decide to move forward with the multi-site strategy here at Cornerstone. Oh, and by the way, you can buy them in our bookstore.

Visit the Leadership Blog weekly for more updates on our progress towards our first multi-site location. And if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask the church leadership and staff.