Archive - October, 2009

Am I still blogging??

Wow, I went to and discovered I still have a blog even though I haven’t posted in about two months!! I am a blog slacker.
So, this is just a quick one to get me back on track.

I’m just praying for all of us at Cornerstone as we work through this message series “Debt Relief”. There are many folks strrruuuugggllin’ with their finances these days and I know that if this part of our life goes bad it can cause other parts of our life to go bad as well. But, if we get honest about it and then ask God to give us the strength to do the right thing we begin to move toward relief, freedom, joy and the peace that God wants for us. I’m excited that we’ve created a step for people to take in this area by having Joe Sangl, author of “I was Broke But Now I’m Not”, come and lead us in some practical teaching on finances.

You should come! Bring a friend (or several). Check out our website for more info.

See ya!