Archive - June, 2009

Vacation, fish hooks and Quality time

Well…I’m back from vacation. It was a good one! Every year I take off two straight weeks to just be with my family. Every other year we go to some destination like Colorado or North Carolina, somewhere farther away. Other years we just go to the farm down in south Alabama or to the beach. This summer we went to the beach (Panama City) for the first week. It was a lot of fun! We sat on the beach while the boys skimboarded (btw- skimboarding is not recommended for adults who have never done it before-trust me), we fished, we ate and ate, we went over to Destin and ate at Fudpuckers (see picture), we watched the sunset (couldn’t quite make the sunrise), I got a treble hook caught in my hand and had to have a doctor remove it, I swam with a shark one morning, the boys rode the “slingshot”, Becky and I relaxed. It was good.

The next week we just stayed around Auburn while some much needed work was done on our house. But, it was good too. I am grateful to God and our church for allowing me to spend this important time with my family each Summer. From September to May I am so busy with Pastor/church stuff in the evenings and on weekends, that this time is valuable for Becky and the boys (in terms of both quality and quantity).

God gave us rest to combat things like stress, fatigue and emotional exhaustion. It needs to be a part of our overall health. I know I function so much better after just taking a break. God did it…so there you go!