Archive - March, 2009

The 20th Wedding Anniversary

Becky and I’s 20th wedding anniversary is coming this summer (July 22). Wow! 20 years! Really? Where did the time go?? I can’t believe we’re old enough to have that number connected with our anniversary. So I’m feeling the weight of how to celebrate this. I’m not sure of the protocol for the 20th. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!


Crazy Boyz

My three boys are crazy! They just do funny things. Sometimes I think, “Did I act like that when I was their age??” Unfortunately, I know the answer to my own question. I am resigned to the fact that “goofiness” is just a part of growing up! Of course, I love ‘em and am very proud of ‘em.

Rusty Hutson's Boys

Lumination // Genuine Fellowship and Connection

I’ve been reflecting on our men’s retreat from this past weekend in light of our church’s “Illuminate” theme for this year.  Men came together for genuine fellowship, connection, learning, and sharing about real life stuff in their lives. They put their guard down and allowed Jesus to lean it to their hearts. It was good.  The light was bright. Thanks guys.


Executive Council Leadership Retreat


We had our staff and Executive Council leadership retreat this past weekend. We did something different than we had done in previous years. Instead of an overnighter at a retreat center, we shortened our time and went just down the street from our church to Hamilton Gables. Also, instead of team building games, creative activities and long periods of “down time” we lasered in on scripture, telling stories of life change in our church, leadership and our evolving communication strategy.

One of the ideas we focused on was unity. We looked at John 17 and Jesus’ passionate prayer for unity. We were reminded of how important unity and alignment are among people of “the body”. But, that idea starts with the leadership. If the leadership arrows aren’t all pointing in the same direction (within the larger arrow of the mission of the church) then we create confusion for those trying to follow. We must ruthlessly hold fast to our missional direction. All it takes is one or two arrows veering off course to slow down momentum and cause frustration for the others who are passionately moving forward. Jesus clearly understood that one of the weak spots in the human condition is the gravitational pull toward dis-unity and selfishness. If leaders give in to this, the church is in trouble. So, “Jesus help us!”.

Anyway, it was a great retreat. I’m proud of our leadership.