Archive - February, 2009

This is my Desk


This is my desk. Sometimes it’s cleaner, sometimes it’s messier. But everything I need to know or do is lurking around somewhere on this desk.
The stickies are the key to this whole system. They are my guides, my accountability, my assistants, my helpers, and my list. If they fall on the floor or accidentally become attached to something that ends up in the trash, I’m in trouble.

Really it’s the stickies that keep everything going. If it weren’t for them the gears would slowly grind to a halt. I even have stickies for my MacBook. It’s great, the glue doesn’t wear off so they don’t end up on the floor and then on the bottom of my shoe!

Anyway, I guess now I should clean my desk.

Good Things Happening in Our Church

Just loving all of the good things happening around our church right now.

For example, the kickoff for our Journey Bible Classes last Wednesday. “Wow”, “great”, “just what we’ve been needing”, etc. etc. These are the comments I heard after that night. I’m so proud of Josh who led the study! He did a great job. I was watching him up there on stage leading, teaching, encouraging and engaging the 200 people that were present and I thought, “man he is in his ‘sweet spot’ right now”. Josh does many things very well, but this stands at the top of his gift chart. If you weren’t there you missed it! It’s ok you can still jump in this Wednesday. Good stuff.

Also, Sunday mornings. Are there challenges with 2 packed services? YES. Do we need to be patient and get creative? YES. But, I have enjoyed Sunday mornings lately about as much as any time at our church. It’s exciting to see all the activity, to walk around and see people smiling and serving. To watch Brian (and his team) lead with amazing passion, to experience the graphics and lighting (thanks to Dan the AV and IT crew!).  I love it!

Last thing, the “First Saturday”. Even though I was in bed trying to recover from some type of sinus disease, I heard it was awesome. There’s nothing better than people coming together to get the focus off of themselves and serve others in our community. This is what followers do. We imitate Jesus. This is what Jesus did. You gotta love it. I know I do!

Journey Bible Class Starting Soon

I spent some time with Josh, our Pastor of Connections, working on our upcoming “Journey Bible Classes”. It was just a great meeting. We talked about how to make this a genuinely good, helpful, interesting, practical class that people can sink their teeth into. We discussed how important it is for people to have a solid Biblical foundation. We talked about how to study the Bible and get a grip on it’s meaning.

The bi-product of this time we spent was that we were jacked up about, not only this class, but our overall mission as a church! It is our calling to lead people to know and serve Jesus. We recognize that people will never do that well until they understand who they are in Christ. They won’t understand that until they read and understand scripture.
Good job Josh! Looking forward to Journey – it’s going to be good.